Thanks to all who nominated Sara Callaway for Momentum South East

sara Voting starts Monday 2nd April to Midnight Mon 16th April – All Momentum members can vote for their representatives.  Please make sure you cast your vote before then!

Sara Callaway – South East Region
I’m a working class, independent candidate, active in Momentum since it started: in Camden, Women’s (London) and elected to National Committee (2016). I joined Labour to support the new leadership; actively phone-banked, and canvassed in every election. I’m BAME officer for Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, and live in South Kilburn, a diverse low-income neighbourhood.

  • Co-wrote Why People of Colour should Support the Corbyn/McDonnell Movement (Oct 2015)
  • As Conference Delegate, highlighted the contribution of immigrants, refugees and people of colour; opposed every form of apartheid; and called for every sector facing discrimination to have a voice.
  • Oppose false allegations of anti-semitism, especially against pro-Palestinian Jewish members.
  • Drafted and organised collective statement by BAME Women for Democracy Review.
  • Active in anti-racist, anti-deportation, women’s movements for 35 years.
  • Member of Women of Colour Global Women Strike.
  • Key issues: anti-austerity; ending detention/destitution of asylum seekers; discrimination in pay; deaths in custody.
  • Committed to all liberation/equalities strands, including people with disabilities, older, younger and LGBTQ.

I want Momentum to be rooted in communities; to get Corbyn elected PM; help democratise Labour from the grassroots up; for those usually ignored to be heard and to count.

For more info visit:

LP Conference speech on contribution of immigrants, asylum seekers, and people of colour.  24 Sept 2017

LP Conference speech on Palestine, 26 Sept  2017


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